For us, technology is a robust solution to free the imagination of a teacher of any discipline. In collaboration with Hyundai Italy, Vivaldi bring to class a revolutionary solution to introduce the multimedia in the learning everyday. We offer a powerful PC minitower, a 40-inch LCD TV, a monitor for the teacher and a multifunction printer with scanner and copier. Want to know how your school should spend to offer teachers and students this simple and flexible tool? Contact us! Much less than you think! Vivaldi can also provide you many other solutions that your school may require, from technical assistance to the creation of a website; from an internal network management to the provisioning of education software.



-Summarize the contents of a lesson with a multimedia presentation.
-Use a website as a material of a lesson.
-Discuss the work of a student presented in digital format.
-Graph a function in Excel.
-Create a concept map with drawing programs.
-Print or photocopy material for classroom work.
-Scan text or images to display to the class.
-Show a DVD in original language.
-Listen to an audio CD in a music lesson.
-Browse an educational CD-ROM, such as an encyclopaedia.
-Show broadcasts in original language received through digital terrestrial, satellite or antenna.
-Show artistic images, photographs or other media contained in a CD-ROM , a memory card or a USB pen-drive.
-Display a movie made ​​with a digital camera.